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The importance of innovation in the aging population/ Telecom-IT Group/ CleverGuard

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

The article discusses how innovative solutions can lead to significant savings and improvements in the healthcare sector, particularly in the care of seniors.

A part of the Telecom-IT Group, focuses on creating smart call systems and smart home monitoring solutions to help seniors in various care settings live independently and safely for longer. These solutions are part of an open ecosystem, offering modularity as a key advantage for addressing both short-term and long-term healthcare challenges.

The article highlights the importance of innovation in the healthcare sector, as the aging population places increased demands on healthcare services. Seniors today are more digitally literate, and the introduction of smartwatches and health apps has led to a greater focus on personalization, prevention, and non-intrusive monitoring.

Which primarily serves the healthcare sector, specializes in communication solutions that enhance the care experience. Their solutions range from nurse call systems to intelligent lighting and monitoring tools. These innovations not only help alleviate the workload on healthcare staff but also improve the quality of care for elderly residents.

One of their innovations, developed in close collaboration with EU partners and supported by the AAL programme, named CleverGuard, the Non-Intrusive Monitors (NILM) daily activities in assisted living or home environments by analyzing electricity consumption. It can detect deviations from a resident's routine and notify caregivers or family members in case of an emergency.

The system's non-intrusiveness (NILM) and cost-effectiveness make it a valuable addition to the healthcare sector, providing not only peace of mind but also potential cost savings by reducing redundant check-up visits by healthcare professionals.

In conclusion, the article underscores the role of innovation in healthcare, not only in enhancing the quality of care but also in saving costs. The focus on smart, integrated solutions can help address the challenges posed by an aging population, both in residential and home care settings. It also calls for a change in the perception of technology in healthcare and urges authorities to recognize and support the integration of validated healthcare technology as a complementary element to traditional care models.


CleverGuard brings insights into seniors’ habit changes in a non-intrusive way, supporting them to stay longer at home independently and fostering meaningful discussions between seniors and their carers.

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