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CleverGuard in Action: Transforming Senior Care through Innovative NILM Solutions

In November 2023, we had the opportunity to sit down with Lowie De Spiegeleer, assistant housing consultant at Ramen en Poel Gent/ Korian, Belgium, to discuss the groundbreaking testing of CleverGuard in Belgium.

CleverGuard, a Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) solution, aims to revolutionize elderly care by notifying caregivers of changes in electricity consumption patterns among seniors living alone. The test involved 10 participants, and the insights gained shed light on CleverGuard's potential to provide non-invasive, proactive care for the elderly.

The Test Setup:

The CleverGuard test involved the installation of the system in the homes of 10 individuals. Although two participants left the test early, the remaining eight continued to provide valuable feedback. From the outset, CleverGuard set out to seamlessly integrate into the lives of the elderly without standing out or causing discomfort.

CleverGuard's Mission:

CleverGuard's primary goal is to offer a non-invasive solution to monitor and address changes in seniors' Activities of Daily Living (ADL) status. The system operates discreetly, ensuring that the elderly users do not feel intruded upon while providing caregivers with vital information to enhance the quality of care.

Notification Process

One of the critical features of CleverGuard is its notification system. When a change in electricity consumption patterns is detected, a notification is sent to either an informal caregiver (TG2) or a professional caregiver (TG3). This notification triggers a proactive response to address the identified change in the user's routine.

Evolution from Reactive to Proactive

Throughout the testing period, an interesting evolution was observed in the participants' attitudes. Initially, the caregivers had a reactive approach, responding to notifications with prompt user visits. This reactive attitude gradually transformed into a proactive one, where caregivers anticipated potential issues and took preventive measures.

Communication Advantage

The most noteworthy observation was the significant communication advantage CleverGuard provided. The system facilitated timely notifications and encouraged caregivers to engage more actively with elderly users. The consultants' ability to receive alerts and respond promptly with short visits was a game-changer, especially for users who tended to isolate themselves.

Quality of Service

While this might not have been CleverGuard's maiden test, the participants' positive reactions underscored the system's high-quality service. The ability to foster better communication between caregivers and users, coupled with the unobtrusive nature of the system, marked a significant success in the test.

Proactive caregiving

The CleverGuard test in Belgium showcased the potential of NILM solutions to redefine senior care. The system's non-intrusive approach and ability to facilitate proactive caregiving demonstrated a leap forward in elderly care technology. As we move forward, CleverGuard stands as a promising example of how innovative solutions can enhance the well-being of seniors, providing them with the support they need while preserving their independence and dignity.


CleverGuard brings insights into seniors’ habit changes in a non-intrusive way, supporting them to stay longer at home independently and fostering meaningful discussions between seniors and their carers.

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